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Performance Specifications



Operating Temperature Range
–200°C to +232°C
(–320°F to +450°F) -1 Sensor
continuous as mounted (300°C short term)

–200°C to +260°C
(–320°F to +500°F) -2 Sensor
continuous as mounted (300°C short term)

Sensing Element
International grade thin film platinum
a = 0.00385 Ω/Ω/°C nominal (IEC 751)

Ice Point Resistance
100±0.12Ω, (±0.3°C)@0°C
1000±1.2Ω, (±0.3°C)@0°C

±(0.3°C + 0.005|t|°C), IEC751 Class B
Above –50°C

Time Response
< 300 milliseconds lag on metal surfaces

Better than 0.05°C (0.02% of resistance)
per 5 years, –50°C to 200°C

The bare sensor will rise less than 1°C
while dissipating power of 15 mW



Insulation Resistance
The insulation resistance between outer sensor insulation
clamped between two metal plates and the common lead wire
is 50 megohms minimum with 50 VDC applied to a dry sensor
at room temperature

Will conform to 2 inch minimum diameter

Body Materials
Stainless Steel and flexible bonded fiber insulation

Lead Wire
-1 Sensors

#22 AWG tin-plated, (2-wire) FEP  Teflon®
over each twisted black/red, FEP overall
#24 AWG tin-plated, (3-wire) FEP Teflon®
over each twisted white/2 red, FEP overall

-2 Sensors

#26 AWG stranded nickel-plated
copper conductors, PFA Teflon® insulated
2 (2 white), 3 (2white/brown),
or 4 (2white/2red) conductor ribbon cable

Teflon® is a registered trademark
of the DuPont Corporation.





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