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Aerospace & Military Products

RdF takes the lead in applying new temperature sensing technology in aerospace and military specified configurations. Our robust design, manufacturing and quality systems immediately and effectively respond to new requirements. Wide ranging capability continuously expanded over 40 years is reflected in an overview of sensor applications. Data sheets describe MIL–SPEC and FAA–PMA approved sensors produced for continuing applications.

General Aerospace and Military Capabilities _ General Capabilities
Examples and basic specifications within product and application categories. Groups of products pictured are easily recognized relative to their specified applications. RdF will provide assistance in defining the best solution for any application.


MIL-SPEC Temperature Assemblies
Approved shipboard sensors supplied to Mil-T-24388B for over 20 years including Mil-W-24270 thermowells as required. Sensors are also supplied to suit commercial shipboard applications.

_21700-( ) Spring loaded platinum RTDs to classification RTEP-( ).
_23700-( ) Spring loaded nickel RTDs to classification RTEN-( ).
_27700-( ) Spring loaded thermocouple to classification TCEK-( ).

PT6A (T6) 2 piece _

PT6A(T6) 2 PC Immersion Thermocouple
The most recent design for serviceability in the application,
FAA-PMA approved.

_26581-( ) Kit combinations of Type K sensor and mounting parts per data sheet

PW100 (T6) _

PW100(T6) Immersion Thermocouple
The original one-piece thermocouple required in some locations, FAA-PMA approved.

_29217 Type K sensor engine applications per data sheet

PT6A (T5) _

PT6A(T5) Immersion Thermocouple
Two harness mounted Type K thermocouples, FAA-PMA approved.

_26583-( ) Data sheet defines applicability
_26584 Data sheet lists engine applicability


T-JT15DR Immersion Thermocouple
Type K thermocouple FAA-PMA approved for use
on JT15D engines

_26590-( )

P&W PN 3120096-01 or 3027329


Modern implementation of a classic design that bonds a reference grade platinum coil inside a miniature hollow tube for lowest mass and fastest response in gas media.



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