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Surface Thermocouples
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Surface Thermocouples
Ready for use surface thermocouples are presented in RdF’s exclusive butt bonded thin foils for the most demanding applications, Stikon® styles are ideal for temporary test or permanent adhesive mounting. Strapon® styles optimize mechanical mounting. A heavy duty flanged probe allows highest temperature.

Stikon® TC _ Stikon® Thermocouples
Sensing junctions are flattened and packaged in flexible Kapton® to bond sufficient length for accurate measurement Available with or without adhesive layer to 260°C (500°F).

26721 – Type E w/o adhesive
26722 – Type T w/o adhesive
26723 – Type K w/o adhesive
26724 – Type J w/o adhesive
26893 – Type J with adhesive
26894 – Type K with adhesive
26895 – Type T with adhesive
26896 – Type E with adhesive

Foil TC _ Foil Thermocouples
Butt bonded (no overlap) sensing junctions in 0.0002" or 0.0005" thick foil provide ideal response. Types K, E and T are available in a choice of foil patterns with ribbon or fiberglass covered leads. Free foil TCs operate <540°C (1000°F) when installed using ceramic cement or plasma spray.

2010-( )See data sheet drawings

Strapon® TC _ Strapon® Thermocouple
Insulated industrial wire TCs for accurate surface temperatures with convenient mechanical mounting. Each model is optimized for one designated mounting method down to 1" radius.

26391 – Adhesive or tape mount, adhesive layer optional
26392 – Bolt down mount
26393 – Pipe clamp mount, choose clamp size

Heavy Duty Industrial TC _ Heavy Duty Industrial Thermocouple
This style is a full range thermocouple probe with a heavy bolt-down or weld-down flange for mounting the probe on a surface.

26881 – Thermocouple with surface mount flange
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