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Product Category Index
RdF Temperature Sensor data sheets for our PRTs, RTDs, TCs and OEM configurations are on-line under the categories below. Each on-line data sheet links to a quick-loading print document for catalog format copies.

  Industrial RTDs
Configurable Platinum RTD Probes for industry and laboratory. FM Explosion Proof approvals.
RdF’s exclusive installation hardware applies worldwide.

OEM RTD Capsules
Unique small RTDs constructed ready for use wet or dry.
Cylindrical capsules fit holes down to 0.067” diameter.
Thin flexible capsules conform on surfaces to 0.14” wide.

Industrial Thermocouples
Configurable Mineral Insulated TCs for industry or laboratory. FM Explosion Proof approvals.
RdF’s universal installation hardware applies worldwide.

Special Industrial Applications
Custom Foil Sensor and Heater capabilities.
OEM custom Foil Heater specification guide.
Low cost programmable RTD Transmitter.

Surface RTDs
Wide Range, Flexible Stikon® Platinum RTD.
Strapon® Flexible Designs with thermal insulation over sealed sensors. Bolt down and weld designs.

Surface Thermocouples
RdF’s exclusive flexible Thin Foil designs and Stikon® test TCs. Strapon® Flexible Surface Mount designs with thermal insulation. Bolt down and weld designs

Heat Flux Sensors
Exclusive Thin Foil designs for measurement of heat (loss or gain) through any surface, plus a laboratory standard. A simplified description of operation is given.

Aerospace/Military Products
Extensive capabilities including laser welding and development labs. MIL–SPEC Marine Sensors.
FAA–PMA Turbine Engine Thermocouples.
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