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RdF Heat Flux Sensors
RdF continuously expands the capability of exclusive thin foil thermopile sensors in many ready-to-use configurations for measurement of heat transfer (gain or loss) through any surface. Hundreds of OEM and special purpose configurations have been produced, so contact our application engineers for assistance with this unconventional but important measurement.

See Application Note: A Simplified Approach To Heat Flow Measurement
for more detail on this measurement, including the indispensable
calibration by RdF.

Micro-Foil Heat Flux Sensor _

Micro-Foil® Heat Flux Sensors
This data sheet presents surface mount models with a long history in research applications plus new small sizes with high sensitivity. New technology provides interchangeable outputs for commercial applications. Choice balancing higher sensitivity vs. faster response is offered in most sizes. An introduction to this measurement is included here.

18 thin, flexible surface mount models; 13 include a surface thermocouple.
Model 27650 water-cooled laboratory standard heat flux calorimeter with wide-range and ultra-fast response.

Industrial commercial heat flux sensor _

Industrial/Commercial Heat Flux Sensor
This design offers Micro-Foil® performance in the lowest cost surface sensor. Units are interchangeable for commercial use. This sensor is also offered in strips up to 10" long that can simultaneously measure heat flux in <1/2" increments and over the length, an exclusive.

27160 0.465" wide x 1" active length heat flux sensor,
    rated to 150°C (300°F), optional array

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